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What is a current-account agreement?

The total price for this current-account agreement is €100.00 ex. vat. This amount will be invoiced once this form is completed.

Even if you borrow money from your own company, or if your operating company borrows money from your holding, it is important to record this well. For example when the company needs a bridge loan and you provide this from your personal account. But also when you have a personal bill paid by the BV. You do this with a current account agreement. The Tax Authorities only accept this if the agreements remain ‘business-like’, meaning that your company could also give this loan to someone else on these terms. The current account agreement can both be a intercompany loan agreement (for example between a holding company and an operational company) and one between an individual and a company.

Do I need a current account agreement?

If you are borrowing money back and forth between yourself and a BV or between two BV entities, you should definitely consider the current account agreement