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Contractor agreement

The contractor agreement (also called consultancy or freelance agreement) arranges the terms under which a contractor works for a client. The contractor performs work for the benefit of the client. The contractor is not subordinate to the client and there is no question of an employment contract.
In the freelance agreement you make clear agreements with regard to the assignment. This generally means that the agreement addresses the following:

  • the type of work that the contractor will perform;
  • the duration of the assignment agreement;
  • the hourly wages or a fixed amount for the entire assignment;
  • whether or not general terms and conditions apply;
  • an expense allowance;
  • confidentiality obligation;
  • intellectual property rights.

Process and Pricing for Contractor agreement
After you have fulfilled the checkout process, we will send you a form where you will out a few details about yourself, your company and your company structure. Once this has been filled out we will start working on your Contractor agreement. This takes on average 1-2 working days. The total price for this contractor agreement is €200,00 ex. vat. This amount will be invoiced once this form is completed.

FAQ about Contractor agreement in the Netherlands

When do you need a contractor agreement?

A contractor agreement is needed when you need the professional services of an expert, but you do not want to hire this person as a employee. The expert will help you with a specific task or project that you need assistance with. This can be a wide range of issues, such as: consulting, web development, cyber security or any other business project.

The contractor agreement is an important document that is used in the contracting process. The agreement is signed between the client and the expert (consultant). If you need to hire an independent contractor for your business project or if you are a contractor/consultant, you will need this type of agreement.

What does the contractor include?

A contractor’s agreement needs to address some important points:

1. The consultant/contractor must understand their role in the project/job they are doing for you. Make sure that they understand what is expected from them and they understand any boundaries or limitations on their work. This includes how long it will take them to do their part and the payment terms – If there are milestones reached over time then make this clear here.

2. Define what happens if either party wants to end the agreement. There are typically termination clauses in consultancy agreement so make sure you have included one here.

3. The terms of payment for the project must be clear – how much will it cost, when is payment due etc.. Under what circumstances might the consultant ask for more money? Make this clear here.

4. Make sure that both parties agree on who owns the intellectual property rights to any information created during the course of the contract. You would not want your competitor to find out about your new product or business plan by hiring your consultant!

Another important point to make in a consultancy agreement is which jurisdiction’s law will govern it if there are ever any legal disputes over the agreement. This could avoid expensive legal costs later.

In short, the contractor agreement is a very open contract and can include all sorts of clauses. The agreement includes at least:

  • The name of the contractor and the contracting officer
  • The performance period
  • The price or rates for the services
  • The type and amount of compensation
  • The basis on which payment is to be made
  • Any special provisions