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Why a letter of notice?

The total price for this letter of notice is €50,00 ex. vat. This amount will be invoiced once this form is completed.

In the case of a fixed-term employment contract of at least 6 months, as an employer, you are legally obliged to notify in writing at least 1 month in advance whether you will extend the employment contract. If the contract is extended for a fixed term, there is a limit to the number of fixed-term contracts (maximum 3) and a time limit (maximum 36 months). If a collective labor agreement (CLA) applies, it may be possible to deviate from this. If you continue the employment contract, you are also obliged to communicate in writing the conditions under which you are extending the employment contract. This so-called notification obligation does not apply to temporary contracts with a duration of less than six months or contracts for which no end date applies (for example, when someone is hired for the duration of a project) or to temporary employment contracts with a temporary employment clause.

Here's what you accomplish with a notification letter:

  • Notification. The letter is structured in such a way that you, as an employer, clearly and succinctly meet the legal obligation to notify about the termination or continuation of the employment contract. 
  • Outstanding Vacation Days. The remaining vacation days are included in the letter, providing both you and your employee with a clear overview and understanding of what is outstanding at the time of notification.

FAQ about Letter not to renew employment contract in the Netherlands

Should I have a conversation with the employee about the termination of his employment contract?

We always recommend employers to first discuss with your employee in person that you will not be extending his employment contract.

Does it matter whether the employee has performed well or not?

It does not. However, we will include a certificate in the letter if the employee has performed reasonably to well. This certificate will not be included if you think the employee did not do well enough. All of this is optional, but we recommend to include it, since it will benefit the relationship between yourself and the (former) employee.

Should I allow the employee to use up their vacation days before their last day of work?

If the employee has any vacation days left over at the end of employment, you must pay them out. However, you can enable the employee to take as many vacation days as possible before his last day of employment. You are not obliged to do so, and the employee is not obliged to take advantage of this opportunity if you offer it.

Process and Pricing for Letter not to renew employment contract

After you have fulfilled the checkout process, we will send you a form where you will out a few details about yourself, your company and your company structure. Once this has been filled out we will start working on your Letter not to renew employment contract. This takes on average 1-2 working days.